how to create a wordpress sites

Do you want to create a WordPress Website of your own, but don’t have any prior knowledge about WordPress. Worry not, In this Beginner’s guide, we will tell you how you can create a WordPress Website in less than one week. In fact, you can even create your own WordPress site in less than one day without hiring any expert. Do you want to start your website the right way? Then what are you waiting for, make sure you follow the steps mentioned as it is to get your website built. 

Note: You can make your website in other platforms like Blogger, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc. But in this article, I am focusing only on WordPress.  

Things Needed to Start a WordPress Website : 

Below we have enlisted the steps needed to Create a WordPress Website


  1. Choose a Domain name for your Website.
  2. Choose a Reliable and genuine Hosting Service (See our #1 Recommendation) 
  3. Install WordPress 
  4. Choose an attractive Good Professional Looking Theme for your Website.

Starting a blog or a website may seem to be an uphill task for most of the beginners, but you don’t have to worry as I will guide you through the process of How to Create a Blog or Website in 2018 and Make money from it.

Before we go further answering this question let me tell you one thing. I have written this answer from a Beginner’s point of view. So even if you have whatsoever no idea what is Blogging, what is WordPress etc, you don’t have to worry as I am going to start from the Basics.

How to Create a WordPress Website in 2018 and Make Money through it without Hiring Anyone (Free Online Workshop)

1st Step: Choose a Good Domain Name for your Future Website

Choose a Unique domain name for your website. It has to be unique, Creative, Short, Catchy but memorable.

Don’t make it too long. Make sure that your domain name is related to your business

Now here’s a simple example, I will take the example of my own site:

The Creative Keeda (

So that’s the domain name of my website – Its catchy, short and memorable. One more thing, make sure that your domain name is relevant to your business niche. My case is different.

 Here are few examples – 

1.     Digitalmarketingexperts

2.      Digitalmarketingarena

3.      Digitalmarketingninjas

I have given few examples, all the above mentioned domain names have been already taken. Domain name can be anything depending on your niche. Like traveladda, travelmaniacs, traveladdicts etc depending on your domain you choose your domain name.

Now, have you chosen your domain name??. If yes, Just note it down on a piece of paper as we will need it in the next step.

2nd Step: Choose a Good Hosting Service provider

This post is not at all meant for people looking for “Free Hosting”. If you are looking for Free Hosting service providers, please stay away from this post as it is not meant for you. Was that too Harsh?? No it wasn’t. Free Hosting has many disadvantages. 

I generally recommend Siteground Hosting Service as I have been using it for the last two years. 

Why am I recommending Siteground as the Best WordPress Hosting Service for WordPress Sites

The reason I am recommending them is because they are the best in the world in terms of Uptime, Reliability

Besides this they also have an amazing 24*7 live chat support who are online 24*7 and ready to assist with all the issues. 

The best thing about Siteground Service is that they provide you with a Free SSL certificate for your site. There’s another hosting service “iPage” which charges you $32 for one complete year for getting that SSL certificate.

  • What is an SSL Certificate?

It is basically related to the security feature of your website. To explain you in simple words “It is the difference between “http” and “https”. The “S” in HTTPS stands for the secure version of a page. Other services charge highly for SSL certificate. Siteground provides Free SSL certificate.

Now, let’s get back to setting up your website. As we had seen in the Step 1. I had asked you to finalize a domain name for your website. Have you noted it down on a piece of paper as we are going to need it in the second step. 

I assume that you must have finalized your domain name. If you haven’t, you can contact me if you are facing any problems with finalizing a domain name. Your domain name will look something like Replace yourdomainname with whatever name you want to finalize the name for your future website. 

Besides the above plus points, you will also be getting 60% off on domain name and hosting for one year.

3rd Step: Choosing Plan Depending on Your Requirements

In this step, we will check the availablity of domain name. Go to this link and check the availablity of the doman name. (Come back to this article for the next steps).

Once you click on the above link, you will get a screen like the one shown in the below screenshot. 

Best Website hosting service of 2018

Once you click on “Choose Plan” you will get a screen like the one which is shown in the below screenshot.

Best Website Hosting Service Provider of 2018

You can choose whichever plan you want out of the above shown screenshot depending on your requirements

How to Choose the Best Website Hosting Service

Depending on your requirement you can choose whichever plan you want

Startup Plan: 

This plan is ideal for bloggers and people who are new to the world of Blogging and Website creation. It is the cheapest and most basic website hosting and that is why it is named as such. You get many amazing features like

99.9% uptime, your website will never go down with this amazing hosting service

– They offer a 24 X 7 Live chat support. It means that their customer representative are live 24X7 to resolve your queries related to hosting, server, bandwidth allocation, and any other issues related to server or hosting.

– They offer a Free SSL – the difference between “HTTP” and “HTTPS” is “S” which means the secure version of a website. Siteground is the only website hosting service which offers free SSL service for WordPress and other sites. There is another hosting service “iPage” which charges $32 for one year for getting the SSL certificate. “HTTPS” is one of the 200 ranking signals as per a report provided by Google. Now that’s a very strong reason why Siteground remains to be one of my favorite web hosting service because as per my limited knowledge there is no other service which provides Free SSL certificate. Not even Hostgator!!!

– They help you with Free website migration, Free WordPress Install so that you don’t have to take the efforts to install wordpress on Siteground.

– Startup plan is ideally suited for Beginners and is the cheapest amongst the three plans of Siteground. You can host only one website on one host using the Startup plan.

– The Startup plan is suitable for upto 10,000 monthly visits and provides 10 GB web space. So if you are looking for the best World class website hosting service at an affordable price then Siteground’s Startup plan should be your ideal choice.


Sitegrond Review: THe BEst WEbsite Hosting Service of 2018

2. Growbig Plan:

–  Growbig plan has all the features of Startup Plan,  in addition to that the Growbig has some Premium features. The Growbig plan is considered to be the Best Seller plan of SIteground. 

– The Growbig plan of Siteground gives you the option of hosting Multiple sites on one host, unlike Startup plan which provides hosting of only one website on one host. So if you are planning to host multiple sites on one host then Growbig plan of Siteground is ideally suited as per your requirements.

– Besides this, Growbig plan is suitable for upto 25,000 Monthly visits and offers a 20GB Web space. It also has many additional premium features 

Siteground Growbig Plan Review

Here are some other Premium features of Siteground Growbig plan

Siteground Growbig Plan Review: The Best Seller Plan of Soteground

3. GoGeek Plan

– If your requirements are not fulfilled in the Startup or Growbig Plan, then you can go with GoGeek plan which is ideally suited for big companies which have heavy traffic on a daily basis. It is suitable for upto 100,000 Visits Monthly and offers a 30 GB Web space. If budget is not a constraint and your requirements are higher than the Growbig plan then you should choose the GoGeek plan of Siteground.

4th Step: Checking Domain Name and Installing Hosting

Have you chosen which Hosting plan is suitable for you?

I guess you must have chosen a plan out the three Siteground plans namely Startup Plan, Growbig Plan, and, GoGeek Plan. 

Let’s take an example that you have chosen the Startup plan of Siteground for Installing domain name and hosting. So let’s begin with checking the availability of domain name and Installation of Hosting.